023 broderie bigouden
023 broderie bigouden

Embroidery features strongly on traditional Breton costumes for both men and women and the motifs have particlular meanings.Here are a few examples of motifs found on costumes in the Pays Bigouden :


The sun: happiness

Chain of life : faith in God

Peacock's feather : pride.

Ferns : abundance

Planets : luck - determined by one's planet or guiding star.

Heart : love.

Fish bone : a reminder that we live near the sea.

Ram's horn : strength and courage.

Saw tooth : work.


The Association 'La Maison de la Broderie et de la Dentelle' is based in Plonéour-Lanvern. Its members run courses and workshops for different types of embroidery and lace-making. Examples of their work may be seen  in la vitrine artistique (virtual showcase)

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