Coastal ponds and reedbeds


Behind the dunes lies a wild landscape dotted with ponds and reed beds which is mainly owned by the Conservatoire du Littoral, a coastal protection body. These areas are easily accessible by following the ‘Route du Vent Solaire’ tourist trail or on many designated walks including the GR34 hiking path.

L'Etang de Trunvel :

L'Etang de Trunvel is the best known lake on the Bay of Audierne and is part of the village of Tréogat. It is a site of international importance for the migration of reed warblers, attracted by the reed beds. There is a bird-ringing station beside the lake which is open every morning, where the site monitor will explain the importance and techniques of ringing birds.

L'Etang de Kergalan :

This pond is also in Tréogat but is less well-known than neighbouring Trunvel. However it also attracts rare birds in autumn on its sea side which has a beach and pebble ridge.

L'Etang de Nérizélec :

This pond covers several hectares of Plovan. Despite its small size it is a good place to watch small wading birds and terns between August and October.

L'Etang de St Vio :

L'Etang de St Vio is of major interest for its flora and fauna and is home to a wide range of wetland plants. The reed beds, whose products are used to thatch roofs around the Bay, provide a safe shelter for birds suited to this habitat such as the Great Bittern which nests at Loc'h ar Stang, and whose curious deep lowing cry echoes far and wide through the springtime air.

A metallic hide with information boards describes the different scenery around the Etang de St Vio. In addition, the nearby Maison de la Baie d’Audierne organises guided walks around the pond and beyond and holds exhibitions concerning nature conservation.

The Route du Vent Solaire

This picturesque tourist trail runs from the Pointe du Raz to the Pointe de Penmarc’h and is lined with information points describing the lives of the local people, places of interest and the scenery.

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