Freshwater fishing


Where to fish

Tréguennec : The 10-hectare Etang de St Vio is a Class 2 fishing lake for pike, perch, carp, tench and roach. Boats are not allowed and its muddy bed is home to pike, sander and white fish.

Access and parking: Maison de la Baie d’Audierne 

 Plonéour-Lanvern : The 50-hectare Etang du Moulin Neuf is a Class 1 fishing lake for brown and rainbow trout, pike and perch. NB. Catches are limited to 5 trout per day.

Access and parking : in Plonéour-Lanvern follow signs to the Land Art site where there is parking nearby.

 Guiler-sur-Goyen, Gourlizon and Landudec : The river Goyen is a great salmon river. The fish in this river fall into 3 categories : migrating fish such as salmon, sea trout, twaite shad and eels ; non-migrant species such as brown trout, minnow, chub and loach; finally there are fish which swim upriver from the sea during the big tides such as sea bass, mullet and plaice.


Rules and Regulations

Fishing in the area is regulated by 3 local bodies, known as APPMA, which are responsible for promoting and developing fishing for pleasure but also the protection and management of the lakes and the fish stocks. The APPMA issue the fishing permits which are compulsory for fishing in these lakes.

There are 3 types of fishing permit:

  • The « Pass Pêche 29 » is for non-residents of Finistère. It is an annual permit costing 40 € and allows the holder to fish almost all the rivers and lakes within the departement.
  •   The « Carte Vacances » costs 30€ and allows the holder to fish for 15 days between 15th June and 31st December on all the watercourses within the area managed by a particular APPMA. The additional payment of a 10€ federal fee extends the fishing area to the whole of West Cornouaille.
  •   A day permit is available for visitors. It costs 10€ and is valid for all the watercourses within an area managed by an AAPMA


Where to buy a fishing permit

Pouldreuzic : Mag Presse : 1, rue de Plozévet Tel : 02 98 54 31 16.

Plonéour-Lanvern : Bar Tabac Le Willy’s : 2, Rue René Le Berre Tel : 02 98 87 66 82.

Guiler-sur-Goyen : Bar Tabac La Taverne des Renards Tel : 02 98 91 52 88.


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